Your daughter has found the perfect prom dress. Now it’s time to figure out the perfect spot for her insulin pump: hidden, visible, or somewhere in between? For tips on how to combine formalwear and diabetes gear in style, we asked members of the College Diabetes Network™ to flash back to their favorite pretty-in-pump prom looks.

Abby Lore and Stacey Cunnington

Way to Wear It #1: “Garter Style” Around the Thigh

“I just used a plain elastic band around my thigh to hold the pump in place.”

—Abby Lore, American University (left in photo)

Style Tip: Some pump manufacturers make special elastic “holsters” for wearing the pump on the outer thigh. This is great for a custom fit—and for future use at other dressy events.

Way to Wear It #2: Clipped to Spandex Shorts

“My go-to solution for dresses is to wear spandex shorts with my pump clipped to the back but on the inside with the clip facing out. This is the best option if the dress is tight, because it conceals the pump bump the most. If you’re lucky, you can find spandex shorts with pockets in the waistband or even on the sides (I just got some from a yoga shop with both waistband and side pockets!).”

—Stacey Cunnington, Boston University (right in photo)

Style Tip: Because spandex and similar fabrics are designed to have a snug fit, try on the shorts before prom with your pump on to make sure it will stay in place and leave enough room for you to breathe.

Jacqueline crop 341x698

Way to Wear It #3: Tucked in a Bra

“I wore my pump clipped backwards under my bra — it was hardly visible!”

—Jacqueline Burke, Johns Hopkins University

Style Tip: In more formfitting dresses without a waistband or much room to spare, the center front of a bra is a secure spot that’s still easy to access.

Sarah 416x576

Way to Wear It #4: In a Pocket

“My grandmother cut a really small slit in the side of my dress so I could get to my pump. This is the only picture I have that you can actually see it in. Several people have borrowed the dress since, and no one has noticed!”

—Sarah Dew, Kennesaw State University

Style Tip: Having your dress altered? At your fitting, ask the tailor if he or she can add an accommodation for your pump—either a slit to allow access to a pump clipped to underwear or an inner waistband, or a pocket deep enough to hold your pump.

Hannah Vester

Way to Wear It #5: Clipped to the Waistband or Bodice

“I always wear mine on the outside to show it off. I even made sure the site matched the dress… Just kidding!”

—Hannah Vester, College of William and Mary

Style Tip: Why hide it? To turn your pump into a prom fashion statement, look for two-piece dresses with a waistband or a banded bodice for easier clipping on the outside of the gown.

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Thanks for sharing your beautiful prom photos, ladies!

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