I think that it’s impossible to tell Kaitlyn’s diagnosis story without talking about her Aunt Jen. Helping Kaitlyn through the first stages after diagnosis was probably the hardest thing I have ever had to do as a mom… and believe me, I didn’t think anything could be worse than potty training! Anyway, it was in those first few weeks that I felt more support from our family than I ever dreamed possible, and Aunt Jen was especially there for us. In fact, the day we went to the hospital, she packed Kaitlyn the cutest little comfort bag with a brand new BarbieTM and a few other things that would help her get through the long day. She watched my other kids countless times so that I could take Kaitlyn to appointments and check‐ups. The first few days, she called several times every day to make sure everything was OK. Day and night, I had all kinds of questions, like…

“Jen, how many carbs do you give for a CutieTM orange?”

“Jen, how is she ever going to get a good night’s sleep if I keep waking her up to check her all night?”

“Jen, what exactly do I need to keep track of in this diabetes log book?”

“Jen, she’s running really high, do you think it’s because of what she ate?”

“Jen, how am I going to help Kaitlyn get used to not snacking all the time?”

Through all of those questions, she was there, willing to help with anything I needed. Mostly, she was there to tell me that everything was going to be OK. What a blessing it was to have someone so close to our family who had experienced the exact same thing we were going through.

I love being able to have a friend to bounce ideas off of and to talk to about the frustrations and even the funny things our kids experience by having diabetes. And yes, I have to admit that when it comes to finding someone to help me watch Kaitlyn, it’s pretty awesome to have someone available who knows as much or more than I do about caring for a diabetic kid! We have always had a great relationship as sister‐in‐laws, but the bond that we share now of being sister-in‐laws AND mothers of children who share the same disease, is something really special!


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