Have you heard about CGM in the cloud? This seems to be all anyone can talk about lately on any of the type 1 diabetes online community websites. The news is spreading like wildfire! In fact, maybe at the time you happen to be reading this, it’s become old news. But right now, like everyone else, I’m so excited! This new development could potentially change so many lives for the better.

Imagine being able to know what your child’s blood sugar number is all the time—no matter where she is or what she’s doing or how far she is from you. CGM in the cloud is a new system where you can link certain continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) devices to a smart phone, and the data is uploaded to the “cloud” so that you can access it from a computer, tablet, or smart phone, just like any other website. You can even set it up on a smart watch so that you can see live readings with a mere glance at your wrist! We’re still just barely getting into the groove of figuring out all the technology and seeing how it will work on an everyday basis, but already, I’m overwhelmed with the awesomeness of it all!

This new technology is different from anything else we’ve experienced so far, because it’s not provided by a specific company. It’s not like you go to a store and pick out a box labeled “A D-Mom’s Dream Come True.” It is a system that some really smart person figured out and is now sharing with everyone. (That means that it’s somewhat of a work in progress, adopted “at your own risk”; there’s no professional tech support from any company or organization, and there’s no guarantee that your particular CGM or smart phone will be compatible with the system.)

It’s been kind of a big puzzle for us to collect all the pieces and put them together. We started out by collecting the uploader smart phone, cords, a case to put it in, and of course the CGM, but that’s just the bare minimum of the gear that you can get to go along with the system. It has been quite overwhelming actually, but we’ve had a lot of help! I’m not technologically savvy, so my brother-in-law Craig was the one who really helped us get everything all set up, because he and Jen had just figured it all out for James. Since then, I’ve joined the CGM in the cloud social media group, and I’ve learned a lot! As we have been going through the process of getting it all up and running, there have been a lot of glitches and quirks that we’ve had to work out. I am amazed at the support that is out there from other parents! People are so willing to help each other, because they know what a blessing it has been in their own lives.

So what’s the point? Is it really worth it to buy all the extra gear, deal with the technology headaches and have to carry one more rig around? For us, the bottom line is—yes! Watched blood sugar trends are better blood sugar trends! While checking blood glucose levels is still the gold standard, I am already so pleased with the difference we’ve seen just having the CGM alone. I’m excited to see how the improvements will continue with even greater access to Kaitlyn’s numbers with CGM in the cloud!

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