Submitted by: Kelly Lanza, party crafter and founder of party


Surprise balls are a great way to keep kids entertained and excited. Gather several small items for each ball, like foam stickers, spider rings, bouncy balls, Halloween stamps, confetti poppers, and more from a dollar aisle or bulk party source along with crepe paper sheets (cut into 2-inch wide strips) or crepe paper streamers. Use orange for pumpkin surprise balls (add a paper stem to the top) or white for mummy surprise balls (add black paper eyes). Starting with your most round object (bouncy balls and confetti poppers are great for this), wrap it in strips of crepe paper, continue wrapping and wrapping, adding in each surprise item along the way until you have a round shape. To give an even finish, cut thinner strips of crepe paper (about 1/2-inch to 1-inch wide) and wrap those around the ball. Secure end with a piece of tape or glue dot, give to kids and let them unroll the surprises.


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