Put a little pep in your daily diabetes routine with these fun printables. From stickers to recipe cards, these helpful tools will add a little Disney magic to the everyday.

Encouragement Stickers
Be brave like Piglet. Whistle with Jiminy Cricket. Let our cast of characters help cheer your child on.stickers-eli-lily-printable-photo-160x160-fs-4481

  • Print out this page on sticker paper or regular paper.
  • Cut out each image.
  • Tape or stick the stickers to book covers, notebooks, lunchboxes, and more.

Download the template here: Encouragement Stickers

Food Labels
food-label-eli-lily-printable-photo-160x160-fs-4485_0.jpgEasily keep track of the carb counts in bagged food, leftovers, and more with these adorable food labels.

  • Print out the page on sticker paper or regular paper.
  • Cut out each food label, as needed.
  • Fill in the number of carbs contained in the serving of food and tape or stick the label to the food container (labels can be attached to plastic baggies, plastic containers, food boxes, bags or cartons).

Download the template here: Food Labels with Carb Info

Recipe Cards
recipe-card-eli-lily-printable-photo-160x160-fs-4491_0.jpgMickey and Minnie help stir up success in the kitchen with these cute recipe cards, complete with carb and serving info.

  • Print out the recipe cards on thicker card stock or regular paper.
  • Fill in the card with the recipe name, carbs per serving, serving size, ingredients and directions.
  • Store recipes in a binder or recipe box.

Download the template here: Recipe Cards

Weekly Meal Planner
meal-planner-eli-lily-printable-photo-160x160-fs-0003.jpgLet this handy meal planner help you map out the week’s meals and snacks.

  • Print out this page on regular paper.
  • Use the planner to fill in your breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner recipes for the week.

Download the template here: Weekly Meal Planner