My husband and I have learned a lot through 12 years of marriage and five children. We’ve gone through our fair share of the ups and downs that come along with having a family. Like every other parent of a child with type 1 diabetes, we never chose for our daughter to have it — we’re just trying to deal with it the best we can. One of the most important things I’ve learned through all of our challenges is that we can get through just about anything with a positive attitude and faith that everything is going to work out alright. Honestly, sometimes all you need to do is to smile!

“Let’s dose you 1.5 units of insulin and 3 units of tickle!” That’s what came out of my husband’s mouth the other day when he was dosing Kaitlyn for her breakfast. Kaitlyn squealed with laughter as my husband tickled her mercilessly. The next minute we were all laughing around the breakfast table. No matter how dull or routine a situation can be, he can make us all smile. I love that about him.

Let’s face it: Things don’t always go the way we want them to. Just today, for example, I was leaving my house to run to an appointment, and a neighbor pulled out and smashed the left side of my car. No one was hurt and the neighbor was very apologetic. I was just super annoyed. This was the second time in two months that someone had hit my car. It’s like I have a huge target painted on me! It seems like I just barely got my car out of the shop, only to have to take it in again. When I came back into the house after exchanging information, I was super grumpy. I had missed my appointment, and I was not looking forward to the hassle of taking care of my once-again smashed-in car. Instead of commiserating with me, my husband said, “Seriously? Twice in two months? What are the odds? This is hilarious!” Then he made all of us have a good laugh. What a way to turn things around!

Sometimes I wonder if I’m ever going to have a perfect day when the kids get their homework done quickly and the little ones stay calm, the laundry and dishes are done, we have perfect blood sugar numbers, I’ve had time to make a beautiful dinner and my husband is home from work on time. I doubt I will ever have a perfectly perfect day, but when it comes right down to it…we already have what really matters… a happy family. With a positive perspective and a lot of laughing, we can deal with the dips and bumps and less-than-perfect days along the way.

Disclaimer: The experiences and suggestions recounted in these articles are not intended as medical advice, and they are not necessarily the “typical” experiences of families with a child who has type 1 diabetes. These situations are unique to the families depicted. Families should check with their healthcare professionals regarding the treatment of type 1 diabetes and the frequency of blood glucose monitoring. Jen and Kim are real moms of kids with type 1 diabetes and have been compensated for their contributions to this site.

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