Everywhere you turn this month, there are boxes of chocolates, conversation hearts and other cutesy confections lurking about. Even though the 14th of February is supposed to signify love, many parents of children with type 1 diabetes have anything but love for all this sweet stuff. When children feel left out of sugary holiday fun, Mom and Dad feel like they’ve been shot with an arrow to the heart — but not in a good, Cupid-style way. Ouch.

Robyn Webb, M.S., editor for Diabetes Forecast magazine and author of a book on eating for children with type 1 diabetes, says having alternative Valentine’s Day sweets is a great solution. Sugar-free licorice, gum or lollipops — especially in shades of red — can be fun and festive treats, especially when placed in a heart-shaped box.

For savory snacks, Webb recommends:

  • Raw veggies dipped in non-fat yogurt or light salad dressing (Cut red peppers into heart shapes for added pizzazz!)
  • Peanut butter on heart-shaped, whole-wheat crackers
  • An apple (valentine red, of course)

Or try her Valentine’s Day recipe for Chocolate Raspberry Sundaes from Diabetes Forecast.

As long as your child eats sugary treats in moderation and you monitor blood sugar regularly to help minimize the disruption in blood sugar control, this Valentine’s Day can be one sweet holiday indeed.


Disclaimer: The information in these articles is not intended as medical advice. Families should check with their healthcare professionals regarding individual care.


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