A Thank-You for My Mom

by Kerri Sparling

Parents of kids with diabetes often ask me what they can do to help empower their child. I always point to my mom. read A Thank-You for My Mom


Little ones can peel the bananas and measure out the orange juice to help make Coco’s Banana Smoothie from More Dishing It Up Disney Style: A Cookbook for Families with Type 1 Diabetes.

Digital Books

Disney and Lilly Diabetes have joined forces to bring you these great reads for families of children with type 1 diabetes. Ask your healthcare provider for free copies or read select titles here. Click above to see the full list.


Every type 1 family has a unique story. Get inspired by real families as they tell their stories about living with type 1 diabetes.

T1 Everyday Magic
This Month

Lilly Diabetes and Disney have come together to create special resources for families like yours, to help you and your child feel inspired and empowered to live a full, active life with type 1 diabetes!

Programs and Initiatives

Learn more about the type 1 diabetes partners and resources that are available to you and your family.

Ham and Cheese Scones

Ham and Cheese Scones

How are these only 6g of carbs? Might be the secret ingredient. read Ham and Cheese Scones


  • Kim

    “Thank You for Letting Me Know”

    by Kim M., Real Moms Talk Type 1

    There might be parents out there who never hear a single negative word about their child. For the rest of us, I highly recommend making this your new favorite phrase. Here’s why.

  • She Still Needs Me

    by Kim M., Real Moms Talk Type 1

    When Kaitlyn’s CGM alarm went off at 2 a.m. recently due to a low blood sugar reading, I had a very different reaction than usual.

  • When Things Are Almost TOO Good

    by Jen M., Real Moms Talk Type 1

    Our new diabetes device works great. No complaints here. Except for maybe one. Maybe it works almost too well. Let me explain.

Newly Diagnosed

  • Starter Guide to Carb-Counting

    Starter Guide to Carb-Counting

    When your child is first diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, suddenly having to track and count everything they eat in order to calculate insulin doses can feel overwhelming. But you will get the hang of it! Here are some new and time-honored tricks to get you started.

  • The Year of Firsts

    by Amy Drauschke

    With type 1 diabetes, the learning doesn’t end when you leave the hospital.

  • Does This Have Carbs?

    Cough syrup, chewable vitamins, gum…pet food?? Find out if you need to cover the carbs in these and other (semi) edibles.

  • Yes, You Will Make Mistakes

    Yes, You Will Make Mistakes

    Rather than constantly worry, it may help some parents to realize a certain T1D truth: No matter how careful you are, everyone makes the occasional mistake. Just ask the following amazing (and courageous) parents, who agreed to share some of their more human moments.

8 & Younger

  • Piper

    A Diagnosis, a Layoff, and a Pandemic

    by Audrey Brown, guest blogger, Storiesonthecoffeetable.wordpress.com

    Finding a new normal in the midst of personal and global crises takes a strength only a D-parent would know.

  • Not Letting the What-Ifs Win

    by Taria Butler, guest blogger, TraceBrave Foundation

    With type 1 diabetes, you CAN be over-prepared and still go with the flow — in fact, it’s a must.

  • The Sleepover

    by Kerri Sparling

    My parents made sure that experiences offered were experiences had, without diabetes being the driving force for cans or can’ts. And it shaped how I handle my own diabetes now.

9 to 12

  • James

    You’re Allowed to Be Rude

    by Jen M., Real Moms Talk Type 1

    When being well-behaved could land you in the hospital, the right to be impolite should be part of your 504 plan.

  • Figuring Out Physical Activity With T1D

    by Kim M., Real Moms Talk Type 1

    You finally get the basal rates and bolus ratios figured out, and then you throw exercise into the mix and everything changes! Here are some strategies we’ve learned.

  • People in the Know: Diabetes and Her First Period

    Q: “Our daughter is entering puberty, and we want to help her be prepared, especially when it comes to how menstruation could affect her blood sugar management. What should we know?” Find an expert answer here.

  • People in the Know: Growth Spurts

    Q: “Our 12-year-old daughter is going through a growth spurt, and no matter how carefully we monitor her blood glucose, her numbers seem like they’re all over the place. Are these two things connected?”

13 to 17

  • How to Prevent Eye-Rolling in Teens

    A behavioral scientist for adolescents with type 1 diabetes shares some better ways to broach blood-sugar-related requests that are less likely to incur storming off and door-slamming in those under 18.

  • Getting Your First Job (+ T1D)

    by Leighann Calentine, guest blogger, D-mom.com

    Swimming and diabetes had always been a challenging combination. So I had to put my faith in my daughter when she decided to get her first job… as a swim lesson instructor.

  • Kaitlyn

    4 Nag-Free Ways to Keep T1D Teens on Track

    by Kim M., Real Moms Talk Type 1

    Having diabetes has become so much a part of Kaitlyn’s life that she’s almost become desensitized to how important daily management tasks really are. Here’s what we’re doing to help her remember.

  • Choose Your Own Diabetes Device

    by Jen M., Real Moms Talk Type 1

    In about six months’ time, James will be called upon to make a big decision that will affect the next four years of his life. (No, this isn’t about college!)

18 & Older

  • The One Thing I Never Expected About College

    Even the most well-prepared students can be in for some eye-opening experiences their first year away from home. So we asked freshmen College Diabetes Network members to suggest a few more things to plan ahead for.

  • Giving the Lowdown on Lows

    As you pass the torch of T1D care to your teen, it’s the final leg of the relay: Handing off your supportive safety-net role to her new college community.

  • The Best Way My Parents Helped Me Prep for College

    What works best for college-bound teens making the giant leap into adult life with T1D? We asked members of the College Diabetes Network™ and other college freshmen with type 1 to share what their parents did the summer before school that made all the difference.