I love it when I find a quicker and easier way to accurately count carbs! Kaitlyn came away from her Sunday school class with a treat packaged in the coolest little resealable bag! It’s called a portion pack. It’s just your typical zipper-type bag, but it has markings on the outside of the bag to show ¼-cup intervals all the way to the top.

Maybe I’m slow to hear about these little beauties, but it was the first time I had ever seen them. I immediately started to search for where to buy these bags. You would laugh at how excited I was about them—it was as if I had discovered buried treasure. With a couple phone calls, some online research, and then finally an image search, I found them! They’re available in the store brand at a couple of the big discount retailers. Just type “portion pack bags” into your search engine. I’m sold on these babies—they’re going to make school lunches so much easier to pack and count.

I know I’ve mentioned a few carb-counting tips and tricks before, but I feel like they’re worth mentioning again. Here are a few of my other favorite tried-and-true tricks that we still use all the time:

  1. Get to know your dishes.

    If you have a favorite set of dishes that you use on a regular basis, measure them once, and then you’ll always know how much they hold. We have some little plastic bowls that hold almost exactly one cup, so it’s really easy to eyeball how much I’m serving without pulling out and dirtying the measuring cups. Our ladle also holds almost exactly a half cup, so I know exactly how much soup I’m serving Kaitlyn without getting a second measuring cup out.

  1. Use a scale.

    I think having a kitchen scale is a must. It’s a lot faster sometimes to place a bowl on a scale than to measure out a cup of ice cream or count out 55 Goldfish® And a good rule of thumb for baked goods for which you don’t have a nutrition label is to estimate 15 carb grams per ounce. Our scale was definitely worth the investment and the cupboard space for me.

  1. Use measuring cups for dishes.

    Rather than dirtying a second bowl, just measure, cook, and eat from the same container. Our favorites for this are glass liquid measuring cups. They come in several sizes, are super durable, and are microwave- and dishwasher-safe.

Good luck as you find your own favorite ways to count carbs!

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