A few months ago, I wrote about a big debate going on in our school district regarding food in the classroom. Parents and educators alike were trying to pass a mandate requiring that all food be kept out of the classroom — no food for holiday parties, no birthday treats, etc. An equal number of other parents and educators demanded that people be allowed to bring whatever treats they wanted to the classroom, whenever they wanted.

The issue was finally resolved this month, and the school district came to a decision that required both sides to compromise a little bit. In my opinion, they actually found an acceptable happy medium. The policy now limits the number of times there can be food in the classroom to twice per month.

Kaitlyn’s teacher has chosen to use these two food days in the following ways: One day will be a combined birthday celebration for any kids that have a birthday that month. It’s become a sort of potluck where all the parents of the birthday kids bring one item. One parent brings a cupcake type treat; one brings water; one brings paper goods; and any others are allowed to bring fruit or vegetables. That leaves one other food occasion per month to be used for a special holiday party or celebration.

What does this mean for Kaitlyn and me? Celebration! It means that I only have to come to her class and help dose for treats two times per month! It means that I won’t get a last-minute phone call from the teacher saying, “Sorry, but can you come in — one of the moms brought in a treat without telling me.” It means that Kaitlyn won’t have to watch her classmates eat a treat while she has to pack it up and take it home. It also means that she can enjoy fun parties at school in moderation. Two times per month is plenty! I’m a happy mama!

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