Meet Coco the monkey. Coco is learning more about her type 1 diabetes, and now your child can, too! This fun-filled activity book is packed with information and games to test your child’s diabetes knowledge. Find free printable versions of selected resources and activities (along with the answer key) below — make as many copies as you like!

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Games and Activities

Order the Steps

Coco made cards to show Goofy the steps she goes through to take her insulin, but Goofy dropped them on the floor. Help Coco put the cards back in order.

How Is Coco Feeling?

Circle the pictures that show symptoms of low blood sugar.

What’s In Your Bag?

Goofy wants to help Coco with her diabetes supply bag, but he keeps putting all the wrong things inside. To play this game with a friend or family member, take turns joining two dots that are right next to each other with a line. A player who completes the fourth side of a square gets a point. If you form a box around something that belongs in Coco’s diabetes supply bag, give yourself an extra point.


Coco is coming home from the doctor! Help her find her way there.

Answer Key

Find the correct answers for all of the activities here.


My Diabetes Plan

Fill out this form with your child and make copies so every member of your family can keep one in their backpack, wallet, purse, or car.

Blood Sugar Log

Print a new copy of this sheet each Sunday to log the week’s blood sugar and insulin numbers.